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Sky Rider
Higher Secondary English Boarding School

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  • Admission open for Grade Nursery to Grade IX. Admission Form
  • Sky Rider School invites application for New Admission From Grade 11 and 12. Application form Available: 25th Ashad 2076 onwards. Contacts: Sky Rider School, Admission Department, Ratnanagar-13, Chitwan, 056-562782, 056-563088

Welcome to Sky Rider Higher Secondary English Boarding School

Skyrider Higher Secondary English Boarding School, a center of academic excellence, was established in 2042 B.S., by Founder Principal late Deepandra Kshetri. It is Located in Ratnanagar-12, at the northern part of Tandi Bazaar and Eastern part of district headquarters. It is an educational institution where students and staff of several communities and socio-cultural background study, work and learn together in a congenial atmosphere.

The sole aim of skyrider is to provide quality education to the children through which we can produce qualified, well-cultured and worthy citizens ready to face the challenges of 21st century. The aim is reflected in the school''s motto, "Education Through Discipline". The main principle of our school is to make students responsible citizens, to develop a fully personality, to bring out the talents in them own benefits ant that of society as a whole.

Skyrider, one of the leading, renowned educational institutions well known throughout the district as well as the country for the never-ending dedication and devotion to quality education, has been a superb temple of knowledge and wisdom for many years. It has installed all the required facilities, discipline, care and means of comfort. So the students, staying in the hostel, are getting homely and friendly environment.

To sum up, Skyrider possesses all the required infrastructures and facilities, in all terms, essential or the cultivation of an individual''s all-round development and hence has able to maintain its glorious educational history.

Message From Director

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

I would like to express a lot of thanks to all of you who have been quite interested and co-operative towards our institution. I fell wonderful to think ho..

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